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Multi-Day Wedding Experience? Is it for you?

When you hear "multi-day weddings" you immediately think it's a cultural thing that you generally see among Indians, Pakistanis and Muslims. Which is typically true! A multi-day wedding is a wedding that takes place over 2 or more days. According to The Knot, this will be a "top" wedding trending in 2022. After being away from the people you love over the last year or so, why not kick off 2022 with giving them a multi-day experience?! People are literally looking for any excuse to get out and do things that make them feel normal again!

If you are planning your wedding in your hometown and/or would require guests to come in a day or two before the wedding;

Why not schedule a list of meaningful activities with your family and friends? Think of it as a "mini vacay" for your family and friends. One big "family reunion" if you will. Giving those who won't be able to attend the actual wedding a chance to be a part of the experience.

In order to pull something off something of this magnitude you must first have a solid budget and a well thought out course of action. Here are a few tips that can help you plan the perfect "multi-day wedding" experience.

1. Share this early on with your friends and family. Give them time to plan accordingly, so they can be a part of the wonderful and thoughtful activities and events you have planned out.

2. Consider keeping the activities central to where the wedding and reception will be held. This will also be nice for those who will be using uber or lyft and those who are not familiar with the area.

3. Try to get everyone to stay at the same hotel. Preferably a hotel that has a banquet room so you can use it for the welcome party and/or farewell brunch. Make sure you have something like a welcome bag or swag bag for your guests. Provide info about the next few days, snacks, and/or anything you think they will need. Trust me they are gonna LUV it! (Be sure to get dietary info from all guests prior to buying snacks)

4. Yes! Have fun but don't burn your guests out by over scheduling activities. Side note: securing safe and proper child care for parents with little ones would be a nice gesture. I'm not saying you have to pay for it, however if the parents know ahead of time they can budget accordingly.

5. Lastly, hire a professional who can help you navigate through the planning process. Someone who gets your vision. Someone who listens. Someone who cares.

Remember to have fun! Happy Planning!


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