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Tradition Mix-in

I read a pretty great article recently written by Heather J. Keys on "How to Help Couples Mix Traditions in 2020 and Beyond". After reading this article and taking mental notes on some of the "Pro Tips" that were given, I realized that a lot of my wedding clients have been non-traditional in a sense, so I haven't had the opportunity to provide insight on mixing traditions as of yet. I know it sounds challenging and some couples may decide to shy away from it. My advice to any couple that is considering mixing tradition is to focus on what they personally love about their tradition/culture. This could be anything from food, music, fashion etc. Adding bits and pieces from each culture through out the wedding and ceremony can have a huge impact while still being able to personalize your wedding based on your vision. Great thing about tradition is that you can always start your own. Keep an open mind and think less and enjoy more! Happy Planning!

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